New funds are popping up every week! The past few months have seen a glut of new venture capital funds, both in terms of the amount of capital under management and the number of funds launched. It's an exciting time to be an investor, but also challenging as all that competition means you're having to fight a lot harder for your deals.

Here’s a rundown of 25 new VC funds that raised $50+ billion in fresh capital commitments. Wondering what they’re investing in? What their thesis is? Who the funds are headed by? Let’s take a look!

Insight Partners: $20 Billion

Insight Partners, a venture capital firm based in New York City, has closed their twelfth fund with $20 billion in capital commitments.

Thesis: Investing between $5 million and $500 million-plus in high-growth technology, software and internet startups, and growth-stage companies.

Partners: Include Deven Parekh, Jeff Horing,Hilary Gosher, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Shopify, DeliveryHero, DocuSign, Calm, Twitter, and many more.

Andreessen Horowitz: $9 Billion

Early this year, Andreessen Horowitz raised $9 billion across multiple funds, including a $1.5 billion Bio fund, $5 billion Growth fund and $2.5 billion Venture fund; coupled with the $2.2 billion Crypto fund and $400 million Seed Fund they raised in 2021, the firm will continue to invest ranging from small-seed stage to larger later-stage deals.

Thesis: Investing across all stages, writing checks as small as $25,000 and up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Partners: Include Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz, Andrew Chen, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Airbnb, Robinhood, Waymo, Stripe, Twitter, and many more.

General Catalyst: $4.6 Billion

General Catalyst has announced it has raised $4.6 billion for its Fund XI, comprising Creation ($800 million), Ignition ($1.1 billion) and Endurance ($2.7 billion).

Thesis: Investing across all stages, from seed to growth and beyond.

Partners: Include Joel Cutler, David Fialkow, David Orfao, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes ClassPass, Deliveroo, HubSpot, Brainly, Canva, and many more.

Founders Fund: $3.4 Billion

Founders Fund, co-founded by Peter Thiel, has raised $5 billion across two new funds—$1.9 billion (early-stage) and $3.4 billion (growth-stage).

Thesis: Investing in early- to late-stage startups solving difficult problems, like aerospace and transportation, biotechnology, advanced machines/software, energy, and the internet. The smallest check has been $1 million and largest $300 million.

Partners: Include Peter Thiel, Brian Singerman, Lauren Gross, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes SpaceX, Stripe, Airbnb, Facebook, Affirm, and many more.

Thrive Capital: $3 Billion

Thrive Capital closed its eighth fund with approximately $3 billion in capital commitments. Of that, $500 million will go to investing in early-stage startups, and $2.5 billion will be reserved for investing in later-stage companies.

Thesis: Investing in the software and technology-enabled companies.

Partners: Include Joshua Kushner, Jared Weinstein, Kareem Zaki, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Airtable, Glossier, Homebound, Nubank, Stripe, and many more.

FTX Capital: $2 Billion

In January, FTX, the cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, announced a $2 billion crypto fund from the company and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried. The fund is called FTX Ventures, a new venture arm of the parent company.

Thesis: Investing in equities or tokens, at any check size, at any stage. They’re interested in investing in gaming, social, software, fintech, and healthcare industries and occasionally invest outside of the crypto space.

Partners: Include Sam Bankman-Fried, Amy Wu, Brian Lee, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Chillchat, Helium, and many more.

Kleiner Perkins: $1.8 Billion

Entering its fiftieth year in 2022, Kleiner Perkins announced that it had raised $1.8 billion for two new funds —the $800 million KP20 fund, and the $1 billion Select2 fund.

Thesis: Investing in broadly across five technology categories: enterprise, consumer, hard technology, fintech and healthcare companies.

Partners: Include Mamoon Hamid, Annie Case, Ilya Fushman, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Enterpret, Upstart, Cleartrip, AngelList, Spotify, and many more.

Accel: $650 Million

Global venture capital firm Accel has announced a $650 million fund to invest in early-stage startups in India and Southeast Asia.

Thesis: Investing in Indian and Southeast Asian startups, including ones in the consumer tech, SaaS, healthcare, and ecommerce sectors.

Partners: Include Pratik Agarwal, Radhika Anant,Anand Daniel, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Flipkart, Freshworks, Swiggy, Browserstack, Facebook, and many more.

Khosla Ventures: $550 Million

This January, Khosla Ventures, the VC firm launched by Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla, raised $550 million for its first Opportunity Fund.

Thesis: Investing in a broad range of areas, including consumer, enterprise, education, advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture/food, sustainable energy, and robotics.

Partners: Include Vinod Khosla, Alex Morgan, Samir Kaul, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Affirm, DoorDash, Instacart, Rocket Labs, Square, and many more. Capital: $500 Million

The venture arm recently increased its fund size from $200 million to $500 million, signaling interest in funding crypto startups at the seed and series A stages.

Thesis: Investing in every sector of the cryptocurrency industry, including seed investments, $100,000 to $3 million cheque sizes, and Series A rounds from $3 million to $10 million.

Partners: Include Bobby Bao, Jon Russell, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes YGG SEA, DeBank, Efinity, Matter Labs, Ledger, and many more.

Foundation Capital: $500 Million

Foundation capital, an early-stage venture firm, raised $500 million for its tenth flagship fund in January.

Thesis: Investing in early-stage crypto, consumer, enterprise, and fintech companies.

Partners: Include Joanne Chen, Angus Davis, Ashu Garg, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Solana, OpenSea, Cohesity, Clubhouse, Hustle, and many more.

Seven Seven Six: $500 Million

Seven Seven Six (known as 776), VC Firm Founded by Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian, has raised $500M across two vehicles - $300 million for backing early-stage companies and $200 million for backing growth-stage companies.

Thesis: Investing primarily in crypto startups.

Partners: Include Alexis Ohanian, Katelin Holloway, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Pipe, Alt, Axie Infinity, Metafy, Dispo, and many more.

Sequoia Capital: $500 Million

Sequoia has announced a $500-$600 million crypto fund to invest in liquid tokens and digital assets like bitcoin.

Thesis: Investing primarily in tokens traded on third-party exchanges with a special interest in cross-chain interoperability, gaming and blockchain protocols such as Terra, Polkadot, Avalanche, among others.

Partners: Include Michelle Bailhe, Shaun Maguire, Alfred Linand, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes FTX, FireBlocks, StarkWare, Deso, Filecoin, and many more.

Creandum: $500 Million

Creandum, a Stockholm-based venture firm, has raised its sixth $500 million (€448 million) fund for seed and early-stage investments.

Thesis: Investing primarily in fintech and creator economy, with a particular interest in creator economy, energy, web3, metaverse, and climate tech.

Partners: Include Staffan Helgesson, Simon Schmincke, Sabina Wizanderand, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Klarna, Kahoot!, Bolt, Trade Republic, Spotify, and many more.

M13: $400 Million

M13, a venture capital firm founded in 2016 and located in the Los Angeles area, has raised $400 million for its third flagship fund.

Thesis: Investing in seed through Series B stage startups that are building the future of work, commerce, health, & money.

Partners: Include Courtney Reum, Carter Reum, Anna Barber, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Ring, FabFitFun, Cue, Capsule, ClassPass, and many more.

Blossom Capital: $432 Million

In January, Ophelia Brown’s Blossom Capital raised $432 million in its third fund, cementing its position as Europe's biggest Series A investor.

Thesis: Investing in Series A across Europe

Partners: Include Ophelia Brown, Alex Lim, Imran Ghory, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes, Cado Security, Moonpay, Superchat,, and many more.

Cherry Ventures: $340 Million

Berlin-based Cherry Ventures launched its fourth fund, a $340 million (€300 million) early-stage tech fund, in January.

Thesis: Investing in all sectors and industries in Europe, from initial amounts of between €300, 000 and €3 million.

Partners: Include Sophia Bendz, Christian Meermann, Filip Dames, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Flink, FlixBus, Forto, Infarm, Cazoo, and many more.

Entrée Capital: $300 Million

An Israeli VC, Entrée Capital announced in January that it had closed $300 million across two new funds – Early Stage IV to provide pre-seed and seed funding and Early Growth II , which will focus primarily on Series A and B.

Thesis: Investing primarily in the areas of deep tech, fintech, SaaS, web3, data/cloud infrastructure and DevOps, as well as consumer and food tech opportunities. Their investments range from $500,000 to $6 million in Seed deals, with larger investments available for Series A and B companies at $5 million to $20 million.

Partners: Include Aviad (Avi) Eyal, Ran Achituv, Adi Gozes, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Identiq, Gusto, Cazoo, Riskified,, and many more.

Viola Ventures: $250 Million

In January, Viola Ventures, an Israeli venture capital firm, has closed its sixth fund to the tune of $250 million.

Thesis: Investing in early-stage (Seed & Series A) startups across several market segments, including AI, B2B, Deep Tech, Healthcare, Fintech, Consumer and SMB Services.

Partners: Include Danny Cohen, Omry Ben David, Yael Alroy, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Redis, ironSource, Outbrain, Lightricks, Payoneer, and many more.

Better Tomorrow Ventures: $225 Million

Better Tomorrow Ventures, a venture firm helmed by Sheel Mohnot and Jake Gibson that focuses on investments in fintech startups, has raised $225 million for its second fund.

Thesis: Investing in fintech founders at its earliest stages, with check sizes ranging from $500,000 to $3 million.

Partners: Jake Gibson and Sheel Mohnot.

Portfolio: Includes Clearco, Settle, Selfbook, Capbase, Ramp, and many more.

Hack VC: $200 Million

San Francisco-based venture capital firm Hack VC has launched a $200 million fund, with the goal of financing early-stage crypto, Web3 and blockchain startups.

Thesis: Investing primarily in Web3 and DeFi (decentralized finance) startups.

Partners: Include Alexander Pack, Ed Roman,Sanford Lincoln, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Pipe, Deel, Canva, Celo, Goldfinch Finance, and many more.

Norrsken22: $200 Million

In January, Sweden’s Norrsken Foundation set up a $200 million fund named Norrsken22 African Tech Growth Fund to support the development of future African technology giants.

Thesis: Investing in Series A and Series B of Fintech, MedTech, EdTech and Market Enablement, as well as Series C up until exit.

Partners: Include Ngetha Waithaka, Natalie Kolbe, Lexi Novitske, and many others.

Portfolio: To be announced - NorrskenVC Portfolio

Backed: $170 Million

Early-stage European venture capital firm Backed has announced it has raised $170 million (€150 million) in new capital commitments. The fund's new vehicle, Backed Core 2, will continue to invest in early stage startups, while the new Backed Encore 1 will do follow-on investments in later stage rounds of existing portfolio companies.

Thesis: Investing across a variety of sectors, including BioTech, Entertainment, Industry 4.0, Financial Services, and more.

Partners: Include Andre de Haes, Alex Brunicki, Daisy Onubogu, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Hutch, Sky Mavis, Garten, Pollen, Thought Machine, and many more.

Ibex Investors: $113 Million

Ibex Investors, a Denver-based investment firm with offices in New York and Tel Aviv, has closed a $113 million fund focused on early-stage companies in the mobility sector.

Thesis: Investing in early-stage mobility startups around the world.

Partners: Include Justin Borus, Jeff Peters, Ryan Mahon, and many others.

Portfolio: Includes Revel, Honeycomb,, Aifleet, Magical, and many more.

Stronghold Capital: $100 Million

Stronghold, a payments infrastructure company, has launched a venture capital arm to deploy $100 million in startups and funds.

Thesis: Investing in three core strategies: underrepresented founders and fund managers, fintech, and web3 technologies.

Partners: Managed by Stronghold CEO and co-founder Tammy Camp.

Portfolio: Includes Precursor Ventures, Alameda Research, and Backstage Capital.

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